Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

The Resurrection Collection: "Iceblink Luck" Choker Necklace by Studio777bdsm, vintage crystalbdsm, upcycled leather



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This unique adjustable rec renaissancelaimed hand-c renaissanceut leather c renaissancehoker from my "Resurrec renaissancetion" c renaissanceollec renaissancetion was inspired by my obsession with the jewelry of anc renaissanceient times to the 1800s, and my passion for upc renaissanceyc renaissanceling vintage piec renaissancees to c renaissancereate uniquely beautiful new items--thus preserving them and the environment."Ic renaissanceeblink Luc renaissancek" was handc renaissancerafted from hand-linked gorgeous and light vintage c renaissancehandelier c renaissancerystal stations and drops, adorning a hand-c renaissanceut rec renaissancelaimed leather c renaissancehoker set with dome rivets and finished with a silver buc renaissancekle. Adjusts from 11" to 14", perfec renaissancet for smaller nec renaissancek sizes! Please note that as with all upc renaissanceyc renaissanceled piec renaissancees, some c renaissanceomponents may show slight wear, whic renaissanceh I believe adds to the vintage appeal. If this is an issue, please do not purc renaissancehase! Metal c renaissanceontent for most c renaissanceomponents is unknown, so please be aware of this if you have known metal allergies.This piec renaissancee is part of my "Resurrec renaissancetion" line. Please see the shop for other c renaissanceollec renaissancetions--"Noc renaissanceturne", for those who apprec renaissanceiate a more modern dark aesthetic renaissance, the anc renaissanceient inspired "Grave Goods", and "Modern Primitive", tribal-inspired jewelry.About me: Fasc renaissanceinated by the c renaissanceraftsmanship and aesthetic renaissance of the anc renaissanceient world, I primarily identify as a sc renaissanceulptor, but also work in pastel, Conte' and c renaissanceolored penc renaissanceil, and have been making jewelry for over 30 years. Please visit see the rest of my offerings for more "earthly delights"!

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