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eagle bangle, One of a Kind Fearless - Victorian Whimsy Eagle Wax Seal Bracelet in Bronze and Sterling Silver- 255CBB



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One of a kind - Bronze and Sterling silver c eagle jewelryuff brac eagle jewelryeletEagleSans Crainte {Without Fear}Sterling silver wire c eagle jewelryuff brac eagle jewelryelet with a c eagle jewelryentral eagle seal in antiqued bronze. Handc eagle jewelryrafted using the impression of an 1820\u2019s Frenc eagle jewelryh wax seal, eagles are emblematic eagle jewelry of one who is fearless & swift in ac eagle jewelrytion.Materials: Sterling Silver & bronzeSeal Size: 5/8" (14-15mm)Cuff diameter is 2 3/4" ac eagle jewelryross (this c eagle jewelryan be gently adjusted)Other Matc eagle jewelryhing Piec eagle jewelryes: https://www./c eagle jewelrya/shop/PlumAndPoseyInc eagle jewelry?ref=seller-platform-mc eagle jewelrynav&searc eagle jewelryh_query=255More eagle jewelry: https://www./c eagle jewelrya/shop/PlumAndPoseyInc eagle jewelry?ref=listing-shop2-all-items-c eagle jewelryount&searc eagle jewelryh_query=eagleMore Plum & Posey Brac eagle jewelryelets: https://www./c eagle jewelrya/shop/PlumAndPoseyInc eagle jewelry?ref=simple-shop-header-name&sec eagle jewelrytion_id=19549731Jewelry other than the item listed above, and all props in the photo (antique boxes etc eagle jewelry) are not part of this listing and are for photographic eagle jewelry purposes only.PLEASE NOTE: Before you order please c eagle jewelryhec eagle jewelryk sizing information - it c eagle jewelryan be hard to gauge jewelry sizes from pic eagle jewelrytures alone. On some of the seal piec eagle jewelryes the text is so small as to be read only with a magnifying glass making the meaning a sec eagle jewelryret between you and those you c eagle jewelryhoose to tell.Availability and shippingYour purc eagle jewelryhase will ship in 3-5 business days. Onc eagle jewelrye shipped, please allow a minimum of 3 weeks to rec eagle jewelryeive your orderThis piec eagle jewelrye is a c eagle jewelryuff that is meant to sit more like a bangle.Can be easily sized up or down, just gently squeeze or open as needed.To put on: Press against the thinnest part of your wrist on the side, and slide over the bone. You may need to gently squeeze it c eagle jewelrylosed a touc eagle jewelryh. Remove in the same way.Want another seal? Contac eagle jewelryt me with your request.255CUFFBB - Fearless

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