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bead, Transparent Purple Dragonfly Zipper Pull Pendant



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Approximately 2.5" by 2" tallThis beautiful pendant c wire wrappingomes in a variety of c wire wrappingolors and tag options! **Please see separate listings for c wire wrappingolors** if you don't see a c wire wrappingolor, or c wire wrappingombination you want, message me! All luggage zipper pulls are found at San Fransisc wire wrappingo airport, and very rarely do I c wire wrappingome ac wire wrappingross two alike. Eac wire wrappingh piec wire wrappinge will be made to order, in the bead c wire wrappingolor (see separate listings) and pic wire wrappingtured wire c wire wrappingolor.It c wire wrappingan be worn as a nec wire wrappingklac wire wrappinge, a keyc wire wrappinghain c wire wrappingharm, rearview mirror ornament, Christmas ornament, the options are endless!**Some pulls will be sc wire wrappingratc wire wrappinghed, bent, broken, or unreadable. I think this is part of the c wire wrappingharm. They will be sanitized and c wire wrappingleaned**

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