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cobalt blue earrings, Cobalt Blue Leverback Earrings Matte Glass Teardrops and Majestic Blue Swarovski Crystals



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Matte glass teardrops in a pretty c leverback earringsobalt blue c leverback earringsolor. Sterling silver beadc leverback earringsaps and spac leverback earringsers. Ac leverback earringsc leverback earringsented with Majestic leverback earrings blue Swarovski c leverback earringsrystals. Nic leverback earringskel free silver plated leverbac leverback earringsks. If You prefer sterling silver earwires, let us know and we will c leverback earringshange them at no additional c leverback earringsharge. These measure 1 7/8 inc leverback earringshes long.

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