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arches, Blue Arch Cuff Bracelet



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"Blue Arc cuff braceleth" Cuff Brac cuff braceletelet is handc cuff braceletrafted from a palette of dozens of c cuff braceletolors of polymer c cuff braceletlay, blended and layered for dimensionality and c cuff braceletontrast. The disc cuff bracelet is affixed to a silver c cuff braceletolor metal c cuff braceletuff brac cuff braceletelet. Eac cuff braceleth piec cuff bracelete is given a distinc cuff bracelettive name. This one represents my interpretations of the geography and geology of the Americ cuff braceletan Southwest. Dimensions: 1.5" by 2" oval polymer c cuff braceletlay disc cuff bracelet on 3/4 " wide metal c cuff braceletuff band (2.5" inside width)(silver c cuff braceletolor)

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