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mint green, Mint Green Teal Green 3.5 Inch Crystal Earrings Sterling Silver



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Mint Green Teal Green 3.5 Inc mint green earringsh Crystal Earrings Sterling SilverA mix of teal and mint green c mint green earringsrystal beads dangle from these 3.5 inc mint green earringsh long earrings. The c mint green earringsool c mint green earringsolors are a c mint green earringslose gradient of sea green to almost aqua. Below the sterling silver hooks, a smooth oval shaped mint green glass bead is the top portion of eac mint green earringsh earring. These oval beads are about 3/4 of an inc mint green earringsh long. A medium-thin silver toned c mint green earringshain extends from the bottom and has a c mint green earringsluster of gorgeous c mint green earringsrystal beads at its end. These unique earrings have a pretty style all their own, whic mint green earringsh is elegant and fun at the same time.The fishhook ear wires are stamped .925 sterling silver, and will be shipped with rubber stoppers. The earrings measure about 3.5 inc mint green earringshes long from where they enter the earlobe.

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