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peyote beadwork, Slivers of Silver Bargello Braid Peyote Cuff Bracelet (2560) - A Sand Fibers Creation



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This is one of two original Sand Fibers c beadwovenuffs that were published in the European beading magazine Perlen Poesie. My c beadwovenontrac beadwovent with the magazine would not let me offer this to you until now.\r\rI love adapting bargello needlework designs to my favorite medium: peyote beadweaving. For this partic beadwovenular piec beadwovene, I used 1-, 2-, and 3-drop peyote and beads in five different ac beadwovenhromatic beadwoven shades and finishes ranging from sterling silver to gunmetal to blac beadwovenk, all on a light grey/c beadwoveneylon silver bac beadwovenkdrop to c beadwovenreate the illusion of a thic beadwovenk braid.\r\rThe c beadwovenuff will be a joy to wear. It c beadwovenan take you from a simple night out to a gala event. It won't get in the way of your dinner, your danc beadwovening, your romanc beadwovening. It weighs so little you may ac beadwoventually forget you're wearing it...but not for long bec beadwovenause everyone else will notic beadwovene it, for its c beadwovenolor, its graphic beadwovens, and its style.\r\rAt 2.25" wide, this is probably not suited for wall flowers. It makes a statement, a bold yet elegant statement. The beaded band is 7.2" long and fits my 7.25" wrist snuggly. The c beadwovenlosure c beadwovenonsists of a beaded loop and toggle in the silver and gunmetal beads.\r\rIf you love the design but would prefer a different c beadwovenolor sc beadwovenheme, just c beadwovenonvo me and I'll c beadwovenreate a c beadwovenustom listing for a c beadwovenustom c no additional c beadwovenost ;)\r\r\rSIZING\r\rIf the 7.2" length isn't right for you, just provide your wrist measurement and whether you like a loose or right fit in the message box and I will make a bead a new c beadwovenuff to fit you. Thank you :)\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis brac beadwovenelet will be shipped in an elegant gift box using First Class Mail with delivery c beadwovenonfirmation. You c beadwovenan upgrade to Priority Mail for $3 by leaving a request in the "Message to Seller" box of the purc beadwovenhase order; wait for an amended invoic beadwovene.\r\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud member of the Bead Art Originals Street Team, a selec beadwovent group of both c beadwovenreators of art beads and c beadwovenreators of beadwoven art. To see more of our work, searc beadwovenh for the "BAO Team" tag - http://www./searc beadwovenh_results.php?searc beadwovenh_type=tag_title&searc beadwovenh_query=bao+team\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibers, a smoke-free shop! Please stop in again some time.\r\rBe well and get going!\r********************\r\rCustom Brac beadwovenelets: Contac beadwovent me with any spec beadwovenial requests for c beadwovenolors, size, and width and I will c beadwovenreate a c beadwovenustomized brac beadwovenelet just for you - at regular pric beadwovening.\r\rCoupons: If you have a c beadwovenoupon c beadwovenode, use it in Note to Seller and I will send you an invoic beadwovene reflec beadwoventing the disc beadwovenount.

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