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swarovski, Swarovski Mink Necklace



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Swarovski Mink Nec swarovskiklac swarovskieApprox 59.5c swarovskim longSome flea bites but in good c swarovskiondition Some disc swarovskiolouration to the c swarovskionnec swarovskitors and c swarovskilaspPric swarovskie for postage is indic swarovskiative and only ac swarovskitual shipping and pac swarovskikaging c swarovskiosts will be c swarovskiharged. Any overage will be refunded. Postage within Australia will be via registered post.The pic swarovskitures form part of this listing.Customs and duties in the destination c swarovskiountry do not form part of the pric swarovskie. They are the responsibility of the buyer.

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