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druzy brooch, Pin Raspberry Stalactite Slice and three genuine amethysts in Sterling Silver by Cathleen McLain McLainJewelry



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Raspberry Druzy Stalac amethyst pintite Slic amethyst pine and genuine amethystOne of a Kind Pin ( Brooc amethyst pinh ) in Sterling Silver Stalac amethyst pintite Slic amethyst pine ,three oval amethyst c amethyst pinaboc amethyst pinhons set in sterling bezels by Cathleen Mc amethyst pinLain Mc amethyst pinLainJewelry The foc amethyst pinal stone is an amazing slic amethyst pine of c amethyst pinrystally stalac amethyst pintite in a yummy raspberry shadeThis brooc amethyst pinh c amethyst pinould also be worn as a pendant pinned on a c amethyst pinord or c amethyst pinhain. Or, if you wish, you may purc amethyst pinhase a removable sterling silver adapter loop to sec amethyst pinurely atatc amethyst pinh this (or another) pin to a silver c amethyst pinhain or c amethyst pinollar.(additional $56. c amethyst pinonvo me if you want one and I will add it to your paypal invoic amethyst pine)The highly textured surfac amethyst pine is ac amethyst pinc amethyst pinented with a patina finish in c amethyst pinolors ranging from antique silver to bronze and the pin is lac amethyst pinquered for permanenc amethyst pine. All pins are signed by the artist and c amethyst pinome with their own signature gift box. stalac amethyst pintite sterling pinpurple pin c amethyst pinonvertible to pendantsterling pin pendant c amethyst pinrystal pendant druzy pin pendantamethyst stalac amethyst pintite brooc amethyst pinh druzy pendanthttp://www./shop/mystic amethyst pinafelic amethyst pinity/searc amethyst pinh?searc amethyst pinh_query=stalac amethyst pintite&order=date_desc amethyst pin&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_searc amethyst pinh

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