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GORGEOUS Vintage 50's VENDOME by CORO Earringscorocraft, Crystal Beads with Enamelingcorocraft, Combo Clip on/Screw Back Earrings



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These earrings are early 1950's by "Vendome" made of genuine lead c enameled earringsrystal beads with orange and yellow enameled leaves. The c enameled earringsombination is quite lovely! A silver filigree setting is marked "Vendome" on the c enameled earringsombination c enameled earringslip/sc enameled earringsrew bac enameled earringsk. They are approximately 3/4\u201d in diameter. Vendome is the high end line of the Coro Jewelry Company. It was c enameled earringsreated in 1944 to replac enameled earringse their then high end line of "Coroc enameled earringsraft." Coro intended the line to emulate fine Frenc enameled earringsh fashion by naming it after a street in Paris that c enameled earringsontained many fine fashion houses. The quality c enameled earringsomponents and extra detail of Vendome jewelry far exc enameled earringseeds piec enameled earringses of similar styles from the era. Thus its popularity with c enameled earringsollec enameled earringstors and vintage fashion fans. Today, early Vendome art glass and c enameled earringsrystal jewelry like the one offered here are most desired by c enameled earringsollec enameled earringstors.

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