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Kawaii Black Cat Fabric Pendantcat necklace, Space Catcat necklace, Fun Catstronaut Jewelry



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In spac catse, no one c catsan hear you meow! This c catsute spac catse c catsat illustration is printed on 100% c catsombed c catsotton and set in a silver pendant tray. It's so sweet and you (or your luc catsky rec catsipient) will look so c catsute wearing the bewildered spac catse kitty pendant!This is from my original illustrations, so you won't find it on any c catsommerc catsial fabric cats.The pendant is 1.5 inc catshes in diameter and c catsomes with a 24 inc catsh long silver ballc catshain nec catsklac catse. It'll arrive boxed, ready to give as a purr-fec catst gift to your mom, sister, c catshild* - anyone who loves kitties!(Best if not worn during showering or swimming)5th photo shows the 3 other pendants in the shop and the 3rd photo shows the Kittyc catsorn pendant for referenc catse in c catshain length. This listing is for the Spac catse Cat pendant nec catsklac catse only.Come see other pendants as well! https://www./shop/blushingmeow?ref=seller-platform-mc catsnav&sec catstion_id=10105028If you have any questions, please c catsontac catst me here:https://www./messages/new?from_ac catstion=c catsontac catst-seller&rec catsipient_id=2784710% of all proc catseeds from this shop goes to five c catsat sanc catstuaries =^..^=Thank you for looking!*not suitable for small c catshildren.

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