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This unique white, light pink and silver brac beaded braceletselet beaded in a triangle pattern was made using the even c beaded braceletsount peyote stitc beaded braceletsh. To c beaded braceletsreate this handmade beaded brac beaded braceletselet, I weaved size 8 silver, white, and light pink delic beaded braceletsa miyuki beads on c beaded braceletslear elastic beaded bracelets thread in a triangle pattern with a c beaded braceletsross-sec beaded braceletstion of 6 beads.♥This peyote brac beaded braceletselet measures 7.1 inc beaded braceletshes (18 c beaded braceletsm) and weighs 11 grams. Bec beaded braceletsause it is made with elastic beaded bracelets, it fits easily over your hand while remaining fitted on your wrist. As mentioned above, this exquisite brac beaded braceletselet was made using the even c beaded braceletsount peyote stitc beaded braceletsh.You c beaded braceletsan find the listing for the matc beaded braceletshing earrings here https://www./listing/749374953/pink-white-and-silver-horizontal-stripesThe listing for the whole beaded jewelry set c beaded braceletsan be found here https://www./listing/735509482/pink-white-and-silver-horizontal-stripesPlease allow up to four weeks for delivery. If you require faster delivery or trac beaded braceletsking information, please purc beaded braceletshase the expedited shipping found here. https://www./listing/251138673/expedited-shipping?ref=pr_shopBec beaded braceletsause eac beaded braceletsh one of Corie's Crafts is truly a piec beaded braceletse of unique jewelry, c beaded braceletsolors, sizes, etc beaded bracelets. may vary slightly.Shop polic beaded braceletsies: https://www./shop/c beaded braceletsoriesc beaded braceletsrafts/polic beaded braceletsy

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