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I love the c green earringsolor of these glass teardrops! I c green earringsall them "grinc green earringsh green". These are beautiful! Perfec green earringst c green earringsolors for Fall! 10x14mm Chartreuse Green Glass Teardrops are wrapped with oxidized c green earringsopper wire and dangle from pretty 24x11mm Copper Kidney Shaped earwires. These look fantastic green earrings on. Great for singing, danc green earringsing or frolic green earringsking through the forest! You will love them, I promise. \u2605 Earrings dangle approximately 1.5 inc green earringshes and weigh 2 grams eac green earringsh.\u2605 Copper wire and earwires are solid c green earringsopper and c green earringsontain NO Lead or Nic green earringskel. Lovingly pac green earringskaged and mailed out promptly in a pretty little dec green earringsorative box - perfec green earringst for gift giving, or dream c green earringsatc green earringshing.Thanks for visiting! c green earringslic green earringsk here to see more from my shop: http://www.dornic green earringskdesigns. - Please visit my website: http://www.myhandmadelife.c green earringsom and c green earringshec green earringsk out my blog...I'm always giving something away ~ \u2665 & Peac green earringse always ~ KathyCreated, Designed & Listed for sale on 07.27.2019 \u00a9 Protec green earringsted under US \u00a9 as an Original and Handmade design of Kathy Hardy aka Dornic green earringsk Designs

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