Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Hawaii Sea Glass Nec charm necklaceklac charm necklacee. Handmade by me on Maui HawaiiCobalt Blue c charm necklaceultured Sea Glass freeform pendant.On blac charm necklacek c charm necklaceord nec charm necklaceklac charm necklacee with silver tone lobster c charm necklacelasp and extension c charm necklacehain.Pendant is 1-1/4" top of jump ring bail to bottom.Can be c charm necklacelasped at 17.5-19.5".Cultured sea glass beads are made from rec charm necklaceyc charm necklaceled glass and are proc charm necklaceessed to c charm necklacereate smooth, frosted surfac charm necklacees.Any questions, please ask!Storefront and Sec charm necklacetions: hawaiibeads.4

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