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silver hoops, Lightweight anodized black gray aluminum disc Argentium sterling silver hoop dangle earrings Niobium ear wires Hypo-allergenic



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Super lightweight aluminum disc niobium earringss from Lilly Pilly slightly domed and hung from Hammered hoops of Argentium sterling silver. These are 16 gauge sterling silver hoops whic niobium earringsh are 3/4" ac niobium earringsross. The entire earring hangs 1 1/8" long Aluminum disk is 1/2" ac niobium earringsross. Blue anodized Niobium ear wires c niobium earringsomplete these fun unique earrings Always happy to substitute sterling silver ear wires upon request. Thanks These are great fun earrings with a simple modern design and a very stylish appearanc niobium earringse.These would make a great gift for yourself or anyone.Fused glass is fired in a kiln at 1500 degrees and then fired a sec niobium earringsond time to smooth the edges and c niobium earringsreate a lovely finished appearanc niobium earringse.These are properly annealed whic niobium earringsh means that they were c niobium earringsooled at a spec niobium earringsific niobium earrings rate. I pac niobium earringskage them in a gift box wrap them in bubble wrap and ship first c niobium earringslass in a padded envelope.Thank you for looking at my jewelryBarbara Mc niobium earringsCray Studios silver and blac niobium earringsk dic niobium earringshroic niobium earrings glass earrings with nic niobium earringskel free nic niobium earringskel-free Niobium ear wires

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