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Steampunk Gear Ringmixed metal jewelry, Sterling Silver Plated Pewter Ringmixed metal jewelry, Copper Gear Ringmixed metal jewelry, Size 6



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Steampunk Gear Ring, Sterling Silver Plated Pewter Ring, Copper Gear Ring, Size 6This industrial inspired ring was made with c statement jewelryopper and silver gears riveted to a silver plated pewter band. The ring has been sealed to protec statement jewelryt against daily wear and tear and disc statement jewelryourage tarnish. Ring is US size 6.PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for ONE ring, as desc statement jewelryribed above.To see more steampunk/ mec statement jewelryhanic statement jewelryal inspired piec statement jewelryes, please visit: https://www./shop/zenc statement jewelryreations04?sec statement jewelrytion_id=12567323&ref=shopsec statement jewelrytion_leftnav_1

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