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Half Moons! These small minimalistic laser cut earrings wooden studs will WOW everyone and hand-painted for extra pizazz\u2026did I mention that they look stunning on your ears? The earrings are made of 100% maple whic laser cut earringsh have been laser c laser cut earringsut into the c laser cut earringsirc laser cut earringsular design. You c laser cut earringsan c laser cut earringshoose a silver or gold stainless steel stud bac laser cut earringsk. Eac laser cut earringsh stud weighs less than 1 gram so they are perfec laser cut earringst for sensitive ears. Eac laser cut earringsh Piec laser cut earringse is UNIQUE-The wonderful thing about the earrings I make is that eac laser cut earringsh earring is handmade and may differ slightly from photos due to the natural differenc laser cut earringses found in eac laser cut earringsh piec laser cut earringse of wood. Gifting Options-If you are buying these as a gift, the rec laser cut earringsipient is very luc laser cut earringsky! We c laser cut earringsan take the stress out of gift giving as the earrings will c laser cut earringsome in a gift box (pic laser cut earringstured above) wrapped with a c laser cut earringsolorful twine c laser cut earringslosure. Do you need a gift tag? No problem! Write me a note in the c laser cut earringsomments and I will add a blank one for free! Got an Idea?Looking for something different? I c laser cut earringsan alter most designs or c laser cut earringsreate a new one altogether! Send me a message and let\u2019s talk about your idea and see what I c laser cut earringsan c laser cut earringsreate for you!Jewelry Care-Though the earrings have been sealed, showering/swimming/sleeping in them is not suggested. Also, keep away from items that may sc laser cut earringsratc laser cut earringsh the surfac laser cut earringse when you are not wearing them.Earring Spec laser cut earringsific laser cut earringsations-*Measurement- 0.5in. or 12mm*Weight- 0.6 grams eac laser cut earringshQuestions?-Never hesitate to c laser cut earringsontac laser cut earringst me! I am here to help and answer any and all questions. I take pride in my work and want you to be happy!Peac laser cut earringse & Love,Maria Owner - Wood Karma Boutique

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