Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pearl Gold braceletround beads, Gold Pearl beaded braceletround beads, 3mm beadsround beads, lobster claspround beads, Swarovski pearl braceletround beads, 14K Gold filled chain bracelet



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Our Franc draped chaina brac draped chainelet features Swarovski pearls with 14K gold-filled c draped chainhain for an effortless, c draped chainool style. Handc draped chainrafted in Chic draped chainago, IL USA. Brac draped chainelet length measures 6.75". Lobster c draped chainlasp c draped chainlosure. Keep jewelry away from water and c draped chainhemic draped chainals; remove during physic draped chainal ac draped chaintivities, store flat in a soft pouc draped chainh or jewelry box. Use mic draped chainro-fiber jewelry c draped chainloth to shine up your jewelry.This is an Iannec draped chaini original design and is c draped chainopyright protec draped chainted. ©2019 Iannec draped chaini Jewelry.

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