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hawaiian bracelet, Black Onxy Bracelet Sterling Silver Green Chrysophrase Gemstone Memory Wrap Bracelet



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Green Chrysoprase and Blac chrysoprase gemstonek Onyx gemstone beaded wrap brac chrysoprase gemstoneelet.Ac chrysoprase gemstonec chrysoprase gemstoneented with lightly oxidized Sterling Silver.So easy to wear! Just wrap this c chrysoprase gemstonelassic chrysoprase gemstone, minimal brac chrysoprase gemstoneelet around your wrist!8mm Chrysoprase beads. 4mm Fac chrysoprase gemstoneeted Blac chrysoprase gemstonek Onyx.Matc chrysoprase gemstonehing Earrings available here:https://www./listing/755396971More of my Artisan Jewelry: hawaiibeads.19

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