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elegant, Smokey Lemon Quartz Hoops



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Copper wire shaped and hammered into a 3\u201d hoops wrapped with Brass wire and embellished with Smokey Lemon Quartz fac wire wrappedet c wire wrappedut rondels. Inside of c wire wrappedirc wire wrappedumferenc wire wrappede are 3 draped c wire wrappedopper c wire wrappedhains These c wire wrappedhandelier hoops are made mobile with Copper c wire wrappedhain ac wire wrappedc wire wrappedented with Copper jump rings .Ear Wires are made with 14 wire.Entire earring hangs 4\u201d in length.For gemstone definitions go to: http://www.urbanbushqueen.c wire wrappedom/gemstone-metaphysic wire wrappedal-guide.html

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