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These beaded earrings are one piec fringe earringse of a beaded jewelry set whic fringe earringsh also inc fringe earringsludes a matc fringe earringshing beaded brac fringe earringselet.To c fringe earringsreate these handmade beaded earrings, I weaved pink, white and silver size 8/0 miyuki delic fringe earringsa beads on white miyuki jewelry thread in a c fringe earringshevron pattern with a c fringe earringsross-sec fringe earringstion of 10 beads.♥These diamond shaped earrings measure 5.5 c fringe earringsm without the hooks are made with white miyuki jewelry thread, and weigh 3 grams.As mentioned above, these eye-c fringe earringsatc fringe earringshing, unique earrings are one piec fringe earringse of a jewelry set, c fringe earringsonsisting of these beaded earrings and a matc fringe earringshing beaded brac fringe earringselet. Both were made using the even c fringe earringsount peyote stitc fringe earringsh.You c fringe earringsan find the listing for the matc fringe earringshing brac fringe earringselet herehttps://www./listing/724236247/silver-pink-and-white-triangle-peyoteThe listing for the whole beaded jewelry set c fringe earringsan be found here https://www./listing/735509482/pink-white-and-silver-horizontal-stripesPlease allow up to four weeks for delivery. If you require faster delivery or trac fringe earringsking information, please purc fringe earringshase the expedited shipping found here. https://www./listing/251138673/expedited-shipping?ref=pr_shopOther c fringe earringsolors, sizes, and jewelry types (a different earring shape, for example) may be requested. Bec fringe earringsause eac fringe earringsh one of Corie's Crafts is truly a piec fringe earringse of unique jewelry, c fringe earringsolors, sizes, etc fringe earrings. may vary slightly.Shop polic fringe earringsies: https://www./shop/c fringe earringsoriesc fringe earringsrafts/polic fringe earringsy

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