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Statement earrings made with half pink and half red tortoise shell luc statement earringsite pendants and surgic statement earringsal steel gold post settings. Silver surgic statement earringsal steel and blac statement earringsk surgic statement earringsal steel posts are also available. The measurements are 2.75" long and 1.25" ac statement earringsross. The blac statement earringsk posts make them 3" long. Blac statement earringsk is shows on the blue earrings. The bac statement earringsker will keep the earring sec statement earringsurely in plac statement earringse. The earring may have c statement earringsolor variations in the ac statement earringstual pair that you rec statement earringseive. These earrings are very light weight but make a BIG statement!All c statement earringsolors available: White- Peac statement earringshPink- RedYellow- PinkBlue - Blac statement earringsk (3" Long)Blac statement earringsk- RedAll DLD jewelry c statement earringsomes in a silver jewelry box for gift giving. We use the highest quality findings to ensure a piec statement earringse that will last for years to c statement earringsome. DLD jewelry c statement earringsomes with a lifetime guarantee. These earrings are handmade in the USA. Dana LeBlanc statement earrings Designs- Handmade Jewelry

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