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jade ring, Jade Ring for Women White Oversized Stone Big Silver Rings



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This c big silver ringsoc big silver ringsktail ring should definitely be in your jewelry wardrobe!The purc big silver ringshase of this listing inc big silver ringsludes 1 (one) gemstone c big silver ringsaboc big silver ringshon ring with the following spec big silver ringsific big silver ringsations: Stone Diameter: 40x30 mm Mt. JadeBand: 3/4" wide - the adjustable band w/ open bac big silver ringsk detail fits most size fingersAll handmade and never mass produc big silver ringsed with an unusual mix of ec big silver ringslec big silver ringstic big silver rings materials that infuse a touc big silver ringsh of vintage with a dash of modern c big silver ringsharm that never goes out of style. Care Tips: Please avoid c big silver ringsontac big silver ringst with water/exc big silver ringsess moisture. Not intended for small c big silver ringshildren. Store in box when not wearing.If you would like to c big silver ringsontinue to shop for more bohemian jewelry, stac big silver ringsking bangles or unique gifts for any oc big silver ringsc big silver ringsasion you may return to the berylbushblonde shop home by c big silver ringslic big silver ringsking the following link:https://www./shop/berylblushblonde

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