Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Ogham pendant (wide version)celtic jewelry, your name hand engraved in Celtic ogham script



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This is an alternate version of the c celticustomized ogham nec celticklac celtice, using a wider pendant and a ball-style c celtichain. The pendant in the example in this photos reads "Tina", written in ogham sc celticript, the alphabet used by anc celticient Celtic celtic Druids. This is the wide version of the pendant; for the narrow version, please see: https://www./listing/499566459/personalized-ogham-pendant-narrow, and for a four-sided pendant that c celtican be engraved with multiple names, please see: https://www./listing/752846628/personalized-ogham-pendant-up-to-four.Ogham sc celticript is read from bottom to top, and c celtican also be read from right to left. Please read more about the history of druids and ogham sc celticript on the desc celticription in the shop home page.This nec celticklac celtice and pendant are nic celtickel-free, and the pendant is hand-engraved by me. I c celtican engrave names with up to eight letters; if you're not sure if your name will fit on the pendant, please drop me a note to ask.Names are transliterated into ogham sc celticript by me. Ogham sc celticript does not have all the same letters as the Latin alphabet, it is missing some letters suc celtich as 'j', 'w', and 'x'. My guiding princ celticiple in transliteration is to write your name suc celtich that what would have been pronounc celticed by a druid reading what I have written out loud would sound as c celticlose as possible to your name. If you have any questions about how I would transliterate your name, please feel free to ask. Please inc celticlude the name that you would like to be engraved in the Notes sec celtiction on your order. If you forget, I will write you to ask!

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