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choker set, Native Boho Turquoise & Pearl Choker Earrings Set



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This lovely handmade c turquoise necklacehoker and earrings set c turquoise necklacean be worn at weddings, c turquoise necklaceonferenc turquoise necklacees, parties, tribal oc turquoise necklacec turquoise necklaceasions, banquets, or other spec turquoise necklaceial events where the attire is elaborate and fashionable. It is handmade with large oval-shaped natural turquoise beads, glass pearls beads, c turquoise necklacelear glass beads, and silver findinga and c turquoise necklacehain links. *Condition: New/Never used*Fits nec turquoise necklacek size: 12-14" nic turquoise necklaceely without being too snug.*Style: Tribal/bohemian/Native/Afric turquoise necklacean*Made by the seller of this listing in USA.Ships same or next business day with usps in a box.

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