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hand crocheted, 6012 - Sulpher Hand Crocheted Barefoot Sandals



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Barefood Sandals: 100% Handmade An instant heirloom!\u00a0 Every piec knit hate is 100% hand c knit hatroc knit hatheted and metic knit hatulously fastened together by one of our skilled artisans. \u00a0Eac knit hath Barefoot sandal piec knit hate takes 4-6 hours to c knit hatreate from start to finish. \u00a0Attention to detail is lovingly woven into the traditional needle work, to c knit hatreate an ac knit hatc knit hatessory you will c knit hatherish throughout the seasons.\u00a0 Our artisans are fairly c knit hatompensated for their expertise and artistry. Hand made c knit hatroc knit hathet, hand c knit hatroc knit hathet.resort wearsummer dress

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