Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1960s ACCESSOCRAFT Egyptian Revival Necklaceincogneeto vintage, Silver 60s Necklace w Black Enamelincogneeto vintage, STATEMENT PIECE



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This is a vintage Egyptian Revival pendant featuring Queen Nefertiti and hieroglyphic nefertiti necklaces surrounded by blac nefertiti necklacek enameling. It\u2019s is signed on the bac nefertiti necklacek on a c nefertiti necklaceartouc nefertiti necklacehe \u201c nefertiti necklaceAc nefertiti necklacec nefertiti necklaceessoc nefertiti necklaceraft, NYC.\u201d\rThis Ac nefertiti necklacec nefertiti necklaceessoc nefertiti necklaceraft nec nefertiti necklaceklac nefertiti necklacee has the original snake c nefertiti necklacehain in silver toned metal. \r\rThe pendant measures 2.5" tall by 2.3" wide. The original silvertone c nefertiti necklacehain is about 24 inc nefertiti necklacehes long. \r\rThis lovely piec nefertiti necklacee of vintage 1960's retro jewelry is a great statement piec nefertiti necklacee!

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