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gift for her, Wishing Stone and Vintage Steel Key Necklace with Vintage Stainless Steel Chain - FREE Gift Wrap



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A steel antique, vintage key, c black and whiteombined with a wishing stone*, hangs from a vintage stainless steel c black and whitehain. The nec black and whiteklac black and whitee measures 24". The pendants average 2 1/4" to 2 3/4" long exc black and whiteluding jump rings. The keys have varying degrees of wear on them. I always wonder where they c black and whiteame from. What did they do before bec black and whiteoming a nec black and whiteklac black and whitee. *A wishing stone is a stone that has a white line going c black and whiteompletely around it. Legend has it that if you make a wish for yourself with the roc black and whitek, it is said to c black and whiteome true, but if you make a with for someone else with it, their wish and all of yours are said to c black and whiteome true.To see more of my handmade jewelry in my Etsy shop, c black and whitelic black and whitek this link:WearYourWild.IG: @wearyourwildAll jewelry c black and whiteomes nestled in rec black and whiteyc black and whiteled, rustic black and white kraft gift boxes tied with bakers twine, jute string or wrapped in washi tape.FREE gift wrapping is available upon request. You c black and whitean see the available paper in the last photo. If you'd like your item gift wrapped please fill out the Personalization sec black and whitetion at c black and whitehec black and whitekout.Thanks for supporting handmade!Katie @ Wear Your Wild

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