Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

geometric, Jade Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace in Geometric Design



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This pendant is part of my "Geometric handmade" line.\u00a0\u00a0For this piec handmadee I've bezel set a\u00a010mm green Jade stone into a teardrop-shaped sterling silver bac handmadekplate to whic handmadeh I've added some texture.The pendant is about 1\u00bc handmade\u00a0inc handmadehes tall, not inc handmadeluding the arc handmadeing bail.I have put my geometric handmade c handmadeollec handmadetion on this beautiful 18-inc handmadeh rec handmadetangular ring c handmadehain.\u00a0 If you opt for a different c handmadehain length, you will rec handmadeeive a different c handmadehain design (all c handmadehains are sterling silver).2881

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