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heart jewelry, Heart Cherry Creek Jasper and Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace



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This one of a kind nec heart necklaceklac heart necklacee was c heart necklacereated by me, by hand, starting with ethic heart necklaceally sourc heart necklaceed sterling silver.I have prong-set a beautiful heart-shaped Cherry Creek Jasper stone into a stamped sterling silver setting with an opening in the bac heart necklacek to show off how pretty the natural stone is from both sides.\u00a0 Cherry Creek Jasper c heart necklaceomes from the Cherry Creek that runs through Denver, Colorado.The pendant is about 1\u00bd inc heart necklacehes ac heart necklaceross.\u00a0 I have it on an oxidized 20-inc heart necklaceh sterling silver c heart necklacehain.\u00a0 If you selec heart necklacet a different length of c heart necklacehain, it will be a different c heart necklacehain design (all c heart necklacehains are sterling silver).3058

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