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Aquarmarinelarvakite, Freshwater Pearls and Larvakite Necklace



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This beautiful nec lapisklac lapise uses large and lovely aquamarine beads, larvakite (also known as blac lapisk labradorite), lapis lazuli rounds, large ribbed freshwater pearls and c lapisloud quartz tabs. All findings are c lapisopper and c lapisopper plate. This nec lapisklac lapise does NOT have a c lapislasp.Nec lapisklac lapise Length: 28 3/4"Pendant Length: n/aMeaning of the Stones:Pearls have been known to help bring peac lapise and tranquility to the wearer; aquamarine enhanc lapises c lapisommunic lapisation and enc lapisourages c lapisreative verbal expression; larvakite is a protec lapistive and healing stone; lapis lazuli soothes migraines and headac lapishes and promotes c lapisourage; c lapisloud quartz is a balanc lapising and grounding stone.Additional Information:It's ready for gift giving in a box nestled inside an organza pouc lapish.Eac lapish piec lapise was individually made with love in my studio in Wisc lapisonsin. This nec lapisklac lapise is one of a kind!All props, inc lapisluding the c lapisrystals in the photos, are not inc lapisluded. :)All items usually ship within a week. If you need it quic lapiskly, please purc lapishase the USPS priority shipping upgrade, (USA only). Thank you!

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