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fused dichroic glass, Dainty Red silver dichroic glass earrings Sterling Silver ear wires drop dangle fused glass earrings jewelry translucent lightweight



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Red transparent glass fused over a stunning silver dic dangle earringshroic dangle earrings yield these dainty but c dangle earringsolorful red square earrings. The glass is 3/8" square and with the 20 gauge sterling silver wires they are just under 1" long. Lightweight and fun. Niobium ear wires are available upon request. I make all of my jewelry in my studio and hope that you will enjoy owning it.Please email with questions. Niobium and green gold silver dic dangle earringshroic dangle earrings glass dangle earringsProperly fused and annealed dic dangle earringshroic dangle earrings glass earrings are hand c dangle earringsrafted in my c dangle earringsoastal studio.I use only first quality 20 gauge niobium or sterling silver ear wires and send everything wrapped in a gift box in a padded envelope.Thanks for looking. #8

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