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A ring for those that love both the Celtic ammolite ring design and top grade rainbow ammolite.The ammolite:This top grade 10x8mm ammolite has the most amazing c ammolite ringolor c ammolite ringhanging abilities as seen in images.One minute a three c ammolite ringolor rainbow and the next four c ammolite ringolors. New c ammolite ringolors appear with every move--most notably a beautiful show of turquoise at some angles.The setting:An elegant Celtic ammolite ring heart design in solid bright sterling silver.NB:This ring design has a very c ammolite ringleverly made slide at bac ammolite ringk where one shank slides into the other whic ammolite ringh allows the ring to be set to virtually any size allowing the wearer the added flexibility of wearing on any finger.All who have bought and worn this design are delighted with its superior workmanship.

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