Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

flashy moonstone, NECKLACE - Flashy Rainbow Moonstone Geometric Shaped Delicate Sterling Silver or Gold Chain Necklace / June Birthday / June Birthstone



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\u2665 Simple, Yet Lovely and Stunning Fac dainty necklaceeted Rainbow Moonstone Nec dainty necklaceklac dainty necklacee \u2665 ~ Nec dainty necklaceklac dainty necklacee Length - Please c dainty necklacehoose your desired length from the drop-down menu at c dainty necklacehec dainty necklacekout (in inc dainty necklacehes)~ Stone Pendant - A small and gorgeous fac dainty necklaceeted Rainbow Moonstone (approx 21x11mm). The Gemstone in the pic dainty necklaceture is the gemstone you will rec dainty necklaceeive, it has great flash to it. ~ Hardware - All high quality Sterling Silver. The c dainty necklacehain is delic dainty necklaceate and thin but very sturdy. It is finished with a Sterling Silver Spring Ring Clasp. The Gold c dainty necklacehain option is Gold Filled (Real Gold over Sterling Silver) with Gold Filled hardware. ** For more pic dainty necklacetures, measurements, or questions, please c dainty necklaceontac dainty necklacet me via this listing.

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