Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fluorite jewelry, NECKLACE - 14K Gold Filled Chain and Fluorite Point Pendant / Drop Necklace



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~~ Very Pretty, GREAT COLORS ~ Fluorite Point on an Elegant 14K Gold Filled Chain ~~~ Nec gold chainklac gold chaine Length - Please c gold chainhoose from the drop-down menu (in inc gold chainhes)~ Hardware - Gold Filled c gold chainhain and wire ~ Foc gold chainal Stone - Very nic gold chaine c gold chainolor and quality Fluorite Point (approx 11mm x 25mm)** For more pic gold chaintures, measurements, larger quantities, etc gold chain. please c gold chainontac gold chaint me via this listing. *** International c gold chainustomers; please c gold chainontac gold chaint me for a shipping quote.

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