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ankle bracelet, Metallic Gray Ankle Bracelet - Dark Gray Anklet - Sterling Silver - 9 to 12 Inch Available - Anklet for Women - Small to Plus Size



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Metallic special occasion silvery grey beaded ankle brac special occasionelet with fac special occasioneted 3mm c special occasionrystal beads, dark hematite c special occasionolor metallic special occasion rec special occasiontangles, and 4mm Blac special occasionk Diamond AB Swarovski Crystal bic special occasionones. All metal is Sterling silver inc special occasionluding the lobster c special occasionlasp. Our anklets are strung on very sturdy nylon c special occasionoated beading wire. There are 13 sizes available. From small size to plus size. 9 inc special occasionh to 12 inc special occasionh. The drop down menu allows you to selec special occasiont your c special occasionorrec special occasiont size. A pouc special occasionh and gift box is inc special occasionluded.

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