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tiger king necklace, Tiger King 1960's Enameled Pendant Necklace / Mod 60s STATEMENT PIECE



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Vintage late 1960's statement nec incogneetoklac incogneetoe is designed in the Mod style with tiger enameling. It has c incogneetoonc incogneetoentric incogneeto ovals that are expertly enamel in blac incogneetok and orange and hangs in a snake c incogneetohain. It is very MODern whic incogneetoh is very popular for today.Quite a statement!It is unsigned. Quite heavy, you c incogneetoan tell it is quality made. Sec incogneetoure fold over c incogneetolasp. This stylish vintage nec incogneetoklac incogneetoe has a huge pendant that measures 4 3/4" long (at the longest point) x 3" wide and the c incogneetoondition is exc incogneetoellent. The goldtone snake c incogneetohain is 24" long.A great runway look!

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