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gold triangle, EARRINGS - Rough and Raw Pink Sapphire and Gold Geometric Triangle Hoop Earrings / September Birthday ~ Birthstone Earrings



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\u2661 Boho Lovely Rough Natural Pink Sapphire and Geometric sapphire earrings Triangle Hoop Earrings! \u2661~ Length - Total length is approx 1.5 inc sapphire earringshes~ Earring Materials - The large ear hooks/hoops/wires are made with Gold Plated Brass Wire (approx 1.5" x 1.5" at the widest point) and the stones are wire-wrapped with Gold Filled wire~ Earring Beads - Pure! Raw and Rough! Natural and wonderful Pink Sapphire stones (approx 7-8mm)To purc sapphire earringshase these in Silver, please c sapphire earringslic sapphire earringsk here; https://www./listing/808227182/earrings-rough-and-raw-pink-sapphire-and?ref=shop_home_ac sapphire earringstive_6** For more pic sapphire earringstures, measurements, etc sapphire earrings. please c sapphire earringsontac sapphire earringst me via this listing, larger listings available** International c sapphire earringsustomers, please c sapphire earringsontac sapphire earringst me for a shipping quote

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