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gift for her, Hummingbird Cameo Earrings - Cameo Earrings - Hummingbird Earrings Sterling Silver Ear Wires - Earrings for Women - Gift Box



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Pretty hummingbird c hummingbird earringsameo earrings with dimensional peac hummingbird earringshy pink and c hummingbird earringsream c hummingbird earringsolor hummingbird resin c hummingbird earringsameos. The setting is antiqued silver plated. The ear wires are sterling silver. These hummingbird earrings have an overall length of 1 5/8 inc hummingbird earringshes long.Our c hummingbird earringsameo earrings are lightweight and c hummingbird earringsomfortable to wear. A pouc hummingbird earringsh and gift box is inc hummingbird earringsluded.

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