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Glass Picture Frame Pendant with Japanese Paper and Ball Chainsale, Clearance Salesale, Washisale, Chiyogami Willow Glasssale, Dee Tilotta



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Double framed glass pendant with one-of-a-kind Japanese washi paper. It c framean be worn as it is or you c framean seal your own photos or images between the 2 panes of c framelear glass to make c frameustom memory jewelry. The pendant is approximately 6mm thic framek with a large 7mm bail. The pendant is 2" x 1" (measurement does not inc framelude the bail). The ball c framehain is inc frameluded and measures approx. 22". Handle with c frameare and the pendant is not designed to be opened and c framelosed repeatedly. It is made of glass and brass with a nic framekle plated finish. Don't expose the pendant to water :) Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of independent artisans. International buyer? I'll be happy to get you an ac framec frameurate mailing c frameost, just send me a message and I will respond promptly!Glass Pic frameture Frame Pendant with Japanese Paper and Ball Chain, Clearanc framee Sale, Washi, Chiyogami Willow Glass, Dee TilottaTips: Use these for your own photos! Laminate your image to make it more durable or use dec frameoupage, image transfer or other tec framehniques to fill the frame. After your work is in plac framee, epoxy the hinged frame shut for best results.

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