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enamel, Crackle Enamel Pendant in Sterling Silver Setting Red Gold Black Spirals Handmade



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I took one of my c crackle enamelrac crackle enamelkle enamel piec crackle enameles and set it in a prong-set sterling silver bac crackle enamelkplate, to whic crackle enamelh I added a spiral-ish design texture.To make c crackle enamelrac crackle enamelkle, my piec crackle enameles have about six total layers of enamel, eac crackle enamelh fired separately in a klin over 1500 degrees.Enamel is ground and c crackle enamelolor glass, so treat this jewelry as you would anything else made of glass.My maker's mark and the fineness stamp are\u00a0on the bac crackle enamelk of the pendant (shown in image).I hope someone else loves this unique piec crackle enamele's c crackle enamelolor c crackle enamelombo as muc crackle enamelh as I do.\u00a0 Bright red with golden dots outlined in blac crackle enamelk.The pendant is about 1\u00bc crackle enamel inc crackle enamelhes in diameter and c crackle enamelomes with the ac crackle enamelc crackle enamelompanying 18-inc crackle enamelh sterling silver c crackle enamelhain.\u00a0 If you\u00a0selec crackle enamelt a different length for your sterling silver c crackle enamelhain, the c crackle enamelhain will most likely be a different style.2960

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