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unusual, Painted Enamel Pendant in Sterling Silver Setting Circles Handmade



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To c handmadereate this one of a kind pendant, I started by c handmadeutting and doming a piec handmadee of c handmadeopper.\u00a0 I then enameled both sides of it in a kiln for durability, then I painted a design on the c handmadeonvex side using enamel paints, inc handmadeluding 24k gold paint.\u00a0 I fired one final time, then began work on the setting whic handmadeh was formed from sterling silver sheet and wire only.The pendant is about just shy of 1\u00bd\u00a0inc handmadehes in diameter and c handmadeomes with the ac handmadec handmadeompanying 18-inc handmadeh sterling silver c handmadehain.\u00a0 If you\u00a0selec handmadet a different length for your sterling silver c handmadehain, the c handmadehain will most likely be a different style.2958

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