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OOAK fun flamingo statement nec flamingo cameoklac flamingo cameoe with Swarovski Crystal embellished pendant. The pendant is an ec flamingo cameolec flamingo cameotic flamingo cameo c flamingo cameoombination of a 18x13mm pink flamingo resin c flamingo cameoameo set in epoxy resin c flamingo cameolay. Coordinating Swarovski c flamingo cameorystals and porc flamingo cameoelain flowers are also set in the c flamingo cameolay. The base of the pendant is gold plated with a light antique finish. The nec flamingo cameoklac flamingo cameoe is 8mm pink mother of pearl beads and Swarovski c flamingo cameorystal ac flamingo cameoc flamingo cameoents. It fastens with a lobster c flamingo cameolasp.The nec flamingo cameoklac flamingo cameoe has an extender and measures from 17 to 21 inc flamingo cameohes long. A single c flamingo cameorystal hangs from the end of the extender. This kitsc flamingo cameohy style pink flamingo nec flamingo cameoklac flamingo cameoe would make a great gift for a flamingo lover. A gift box is inc flamingo cameoluded.

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