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Cork Brac nature jewelryelet, Portuguese jewelry, Natural Cork Brac nature jewelryelet, Cork Leather, Portuguese Cork, Vegan Jewelry, Ec nature jewelryo-Friendly Jewelry, Metallic nature jewelry Print Cork\u25a1 Length is 6 inc nature jewelryhes from end to end\u25a1 Choose from 3/4-inc nature jewelryh, 1-inc nature jewelryh & 1.5-inc nature jewelryh widths\u25a1 Materials: Portuguese Cork, Brass\u25a1 Color: Gilded Gold Brass\u25a1 Pattern: Blac nature jewelryk / Metallic nature jewelry Marbled Gold==============DESCRIPTION==============Flexible brass c nature jewelryhannel c nature jewelryuff handmade with genuine Portuguese c nature jewelryork. Made of flexible, lightweight tarnish-proof brass & adjustable to most wrist sizes. Photos are a c nature jewelrylose fac nature jewelrysimile of the ac nature jewelrytual brac nature jewelryelet. Be aware that fabric nature jewelry is c nature jewelryut by hand and patterns on the c nature jewelryork may plac nature jewelrye slightly different on eac nature jewelryh brac nature jewelryelet.Cork is safely harvested from the bark of standing \u201c nature jewelryc nature jewelryork oak\u201d trees, making c nature jewelryork produc nature jewelryts a c nature jewelryruelty-free and ec nature jewelryo-friendly c nature jewelryhoic nature jewelrye. Harvesting is done every 9 years, allowing the c nature jewelryork oak trees ample time to rejuvenate.-----------------------------------------Instagram \u25b6\ufe0e @urbanroseNYC-----------------------------------------

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