Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

zirconium earrings, CZ and AD Diamond Necklace Set/ Adjustable Ring/ Openable Bracelet/ Pearl Set/ Semiprecious Stone



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High Quality Gorgeous fine quality lab diamonds studded c cubic zirconiumhoker nec cubic zirconiumklac cubic zirconiume.Comes with matc cubic zirconiumhing earrings.Highest quality AD.Highest quality of c cubic zirconiumraftsmanship.Perfec cubic zirconiumt to be worn on a spec cubic zirconiumial oc cubic zirconiumc cubic zirconiumasion/evening.Can be worn with any of your wardrobe dress or South Asian lehenga/Sari/Suit.Pac cubic zirconiumked in a nic cubic zirconiume box with c cubic zirconiumotton lining, Best for gifting to loved ones..A personal note for your loved ones c cubic zirconiuman be added.*Sinc cubic zirconiume this is 100% Handmade jewelry. So Color, shades, texture displayed may slightly vary from the ac cubic zirconiumtual produc cubic zirconiumt due to digital image limitations. We request you to c cubic zirconiumonsider these minor variations. Please expec cubic zirconiumt the possibility of some slight imperfec cubic zirconiumtions when buying hand made jewelry. If you have any questions, please message or email us.

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