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hemp ankle bracelet, African Glass Beaded Hemp Bracelet/Anklet



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The Afric hemp ankle braceletan Glass Beaded Hemp Brac hemp ankle braceletelet/Anklet c hemp ankle braceletan be worn at any length between 7 3/4 and 12 inc hemp ankle bracelethes. If you c hemp ankle braceletontac hemp ankle bracelett me to spec hemp ankle braceletify the length you would like it I will c hemp ankle braceletustom fit it with a bead c hemp ankle braceletlosure, otherwise it will be sent with open ends for you to tie off. Six wood beads frame a glass bead from Ghana, West Afric hemp ankle braceleta. This brac hemp ankle braceletelet has a great tribal style that would look great on men, women and c hemp ankle bracelethildren. The brac hemp ankle braceletelet is hand-woven natural hemp c hemp ankle braceletord. The light brown c hemp ankle braceletolor sets the piec hemp ankle bracelete apart from all the other tan hemp jewelry.The nec hemp ankle braceletklac hemp ankle bracelete c hemp ankle braceletomes wrapped in a rec hemp ankle braceletyc hemp ankle braceletled magazine gift envelope hand made by me, making it a great gift for any oc hemp ankle braceletc hemp ankle braceletasion!Please read my polic hemp ankle braceleties before ordering: http://www./shop/DiasporaDesigns/polic hemp ankle braceletyLooking for a steal? Chec hemp ankle braceletk out my SALE items http://www./shop/DiasporaDesigns?sec hemp ankle bracelettion_id=7597951

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