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summer anklet, Teal Ankle Bracelet - Pearl and Crystal Anklet - Sterling Silver - 9 to 12 Inch Available - Anklets for Women - Ankle Bracelet for Fall



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Teal ankle brac summer ankletelet with 3mm fac summer ankleteted c summer ankletrystal beads, teal metallic summer anklet rec summer anklettangles, freshwater pearls, and 4mm and 6mm Indic summer ankletolite Swarovski Crystal bic summer ankletones. The c summer ankletolors on this anklet are diffic summer ankletult to desc summer ankletribe. The small beads are a Greyish taupe and the pearls are a plum c summer ankletolor.All metal is Sterling silver inc summer ankletluding the lobster c summer ankletlasp. Our anklets are strung on very sturdy nylon c summer ankletoated bedding wire. There are 13 sizes available. 9 to 12 inc summer anklethes. The drop down menu allows you to selec summer anklett your c summer ankletorrec summer anklett size. A pouc summer ankleth and gift box is inc summer ankletluded.Many other beaded anklets for women in our shop!

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