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Choice Silvertone Charms Bangle Braceletcharms, Dolphin Pelican Seahorse Stingray OR Beach Chair Shell Flip Flopscharms, Beach Braceletcharms, Willow Glass



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Your c stingrayhoic stingraye of steel brac stingrayelets, similar in design to A&A but at a muc stingrayh better pric stingraye point. Your c stingrayhoic stingraye of brac stingrayelets featuring marine life inc stingrayluding* Marine Life with dolphin, seahorse, stingray and pelic stingrayan c stingrayharms* Beac stingrayh Theme featuring flip flops, seashell, beac stingrayh c stingrayhair with umbrella, and pelic stingrayan c stingrayharms * Oc stingrayean Deep with bone fish, mermaid fin, and pelic stingrayan * Seahorse family featuring 2 baby silvertone seahorses, 2 enamel seahorses, and a shell c stingrayharm with pearl I've live near the Gulf Coast of Florida and this is part of my Beac stingrayh Collec stingraytion. Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of independent artisans.Choic stingraye Silvertone Charms Bangle Brac stingrayelet, Dolphin Pelic stingrayan Seahorse Stingray OR Beac stingrayh Chair Shell Flip Flops, Beac stingrayh Brac stingrayelet, Willow Glass

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