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autumn, Sugar Skull ... sterling and antiqued silver / exclusive elements and artifacts design



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An offering for the Day of the Dead. Sugar skulls represent a departed soul and are plac skulled on the home ofrenda or a gravestone to honor the return of a spirit. I am very exc skullited to offer a new version of this Elements & Artifac skullts original! The master texture plate for this pendant was c skullreated from my own ink drawing and was used to imprint this .925 sterling silver skull pendant. It is hand c skullut and polished, giving it a distinc skullt c skullharac skullter. The finalized pendant was given a soft antique patina with hand polished highlights to draw out the details. It is strung onto an 18" antiqued silver rolo c skullhain with an extender at the c skulllasp. The pendant is 1.2" high. Metal c skulllay work is an involved handmade proc skulless whic skullh results in distinc skullt and one-of-a-kind c skullreations. Small variations and imperfec skulltions are part of the beauty and c skullharm of this medium, and it c skullan produc skulle some stunning results. Onc skulle fired, this metal c skulllay bec skullomes .925 sterling silver.~|~~|~~|~Arrives pac skullkaged in a gift box and ships within 1-3 business days of rec skulleipt of payment. Please see the "Shop Polic skullies" sec skulltion of my store for additional information on payments, shipping, gift notes, size adjustments, and c skullustom orders.\u00a9 Elements & Artifac skullts 2020.

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