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Beaded Ankle Bracelet Seahorsecrystals, 9 inches Amber Blue Yellow OOAKcrystals, Beachy Coastal Ankletcrystals, Willow Glasscrystals, Dee Tilotta



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This beaded ankle brac glasselet measures the average size of 9" from spring ring to jump ring c glasslosures whic glassh are sterling silver. There are 5 frolic glassking polymer seahorse beads surrounded by amber c glassolored fac glasseted c glassrystal beads (6mm) and tiny blue c glassrystal beads. I am c glassurrently living in the Gulf Coast of Florida and this is part of my Beac glassh Collec glasstion. Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of independent artisans.Beaded Ankle Brac glasselet Seahorse, 9 inc glasshes Amber Blue Yellow OOAK, Beac glasshy Coastal Anklet, Willow Glass, Dee Tilotta

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